Health Guarantee

Our puppies are fed with premium meat-based dog food, home-raised, and has been well-socialized from birth with children and other pets. We want to place them to homes which we believe can provide the necessary care; good nutrition, enough exercise, socialization, regular health checks, and keeping them clean, well-groomed and sanitary. A loving home that will consider them a part of their family.

We provide a one (1) year health guarantee on every puppy from any life-threatening genetic disorder. Following the requirements stipulated in the contract, a replacement puppy or a full refund of the purchase price will be given to the new owner.

Our adult dogs have excellent temperaments, carefully selected from good bloodline of show and companion dogs. We dedicate ourselves to a breeding program with the goal of producing puppies suitable for your homes and your specific needs.

As a responsible breeder dedicated to the improvement of the breed, we take appropriate measures in our breeding and selection program to avoid any genetic problems in our puppies. Rest assured that we don’t want you to be in a situation that the puppy whom you love has any of these problems causing so much emotional pain to you and your family.

Our technical support is always available to those who got their puppies from us. We want to make sure that the new owner is giving the proper care to their new family member.

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